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Musical Aquarium

4.9 ( 6189 ratings )
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Forfatter: Poisson Rouge Interactica Ltd.

At the bottom of the sea live some of the strangest beasts known to man... The Musical Aquarium is an audio-visual experience for all ages. An interactive concerto.

Feed the stingrays, clean the whale, touch the starfish, play music with the nautili... are just a few of the things to do !

About Poisson Rouge Interactica

Poisson Rouge Interactica has been developing interactive environments for children since 1999. Linguists, graphic artists, musicians and educational psychologists constitute the core team of designers.

No text, no instructions, but carefully designed visual environments and sound-scapes make Poisson Rouge Interacticas productions resemble nothing else in the interactive world. Approved by children, parents and teachers from around the globe.

Watch your children play, learn, grow and become autonomous and self-confident.